Caramel Buds

Grab a pack of caramel buds, turn up the volume, and make a night of it.
Flavour: Caramel chocolate
Colour: Yellow

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Just think, the production of caramel began quite by accident. Purveyors of fine candy had been melting sugar and water to manufacture popular hard candy treats, and stumbled across the idea of adding dairy products. Suddenly, a world-changing taste sensation was born. Caramel is divine. You’ll find it coating your popcorn, infiltrating your Fantales, smothering your ice-cream, and perfecting your French desserts. Suzanne Vega once said "it won’t do to dream of caramel, to think of cinnamon and long for you." Sure, dwelling on the impossible can be counterproductive, but Candy Bar Sydney thinks caramel dreams are absolutely fine under any circumstances. And if you really want to make a night of it, grab a 1kg pack of CaramelBuds, turn the volume up, and hook in. 

Specifications for Caramel Buds

Colour Yellow
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Event / Occasion Halloween
Flavour Chocolate
Chocolate Type White Compound
Size 700g Bag , 5kg Box