Caramel Kisses 1kg

Warm, gooey, and covered in coconut, caramel kisses add class and buttery sweetness to the candy buffet.Flavour: Jersey Caramels covered in tasty coconut
Weight: 1kg

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When you take a bite into a caramel kiss, let the fine and buttery caramel fudge dissolve in your mouth as cheeky shards of coconut crackle and crunch between your teeth. Savour the moment and feel free to reach for another, but please try to save a few for your friends. Here is a sweet treat fit for kings and queens, and a real Aussie classic. Caramel kisses are little creamy cubes of heaven. They deserve a place on an outstanding candybuffet at your wedding, birthday, or indeed any other excuse for a party. For a classy mix of bulk that will make your guests in Sydney gasp and swoon with delight (as much as possible with their mouths full, of course), place your caramel strategically alongside Pariya Chocolate Persian malt balls.

Specifications for Caramel Kisses 1kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1kg , 5kg Box