Chocolate Clinkers 1kg - 8kg

Bring back sweet memories of your childhood with these delish Flavour: Mixedlollies.
Flavour: Milk Chocolate and candy
Colour: Brown
Weight: 1kg

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Ah childhood—the time when there were no bills to pay, no diets to keep, no boss to put up with (not counting your parents!), and no limits to your imagination. Fun could be scaling a tree, chasing frogs, tickling your sibling, or simply playing with your favourite pet. If you had a tooth for sweets (and what child doesn’t) it’s also likely that you really loved that toothsome treat chocolate. You’ll soon be moaning in bliss as you remember that familiar taste of fruit and chocolate wrapped in one delectable bite-size piece. Grab a handful of Chocolate but remember some things really do stay the same from childhood—you may end up licking the rest off of your fingers!

Specifications for Chocolate Clinkers 1kg - 8kg

Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1kg Bag , Bulk Box 8kg