Chocolate Malt Balls 1kg - 7kg

Always a winner on the candy buffet, these chocolate malt balls are dangerously addictive.
Flavour: Milk Chocolate and malt candy
Weight: 1kg - 7kg

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A dangerous breed of lollymalt balls facilitate the practice of greed and gluttony in the finest and most upstanding candy loving citizens. In fact, a common pastime at school was competing to see how many of them you could fit in your mouth at once. Was it 10 or 20? Once they were all crammed in there, you could relish that moment when the malty crunchiness started to disintegrate and a thick and gooey river of malty milk chocolate remained ... if you were hardcore, you'd replace the dissolved malt balls with new crunchy ones and be declared the winner. Oh, just writing about these debaucherous lollies makes us want to stuff our greedy gobs full of them. Quick, valued customers, buy them at once, preferably in bulkonline lolly shop Candy Bar Sydney and take them away from us once and for all.

Specifications for Chocolate Malt Balls 1kg - 7kg

Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1kg Bag , Bulk Box 7kg