Chocolate Rocks 1kg - Wizard

Get your chocolate rocks off the shelf and into your gob, once and for all.
Colour: Assorted
Flavour: Milk Chocolate
Weight: 1kg
Quantity: Approximately 920 Chocolate Rocks per 1kg

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Chocolate star. Just like a rock star on a rocking horse in Rockhampton eating rocky road. That's how much chocolate. Confused? Let's spell it out a bit more clearly. Chocolate star. On a rocking horse. In Rockhampton. Eating rocky road. Chocolate are bigger than the Baroque period, snappier than a crocodile, and rockier than a big monolith in the middle of the Northern Territory. You can buy Chocolate in 1k packs from Candy Bar Sydney. And we assure you: the chocolate. We salute you.

Specifications for Chocolate Rocks 1kg - Wizard

Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Chocolate
Size 41g Bar