Christmas Lindt Peppermint Cookie Lindor Balls

Christmas Lindt Peppermint Cookie Lindor Balls
These decadent chocolate truffles will undo the most uptight party guest with one bite.
Flavour: Peppermint and Cookie
Colour: Green, Red and White
Approximately 40 lindt balls per 500g
Only 50c a lindor ball in the 500g bag or as low as 43c in a 10kg box

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There's always someone at the party loitering around the edges. They might be a little shy, a bit awkward, and sometimes it's hard to know how to break the ice. Whether you're the shy and retiring type at the candy buffet, or looking to make a connection, the folks at Lindt have made it relatively easy. The river of Lindt that flows from the dark blue Lindor balls is so intensely pleasurable, it will strip the most apprehensive party guests of their inhibitions at once. Well, either that, or you won't get a word out of them. For two reasons. One: that the Lindt chocolateLindt balls is so intense, they are at a loss for words. Or two: that in a moment of impassioned chocolate frenzy, the guest in question has filled their mouth with as many Lindt chocolate balls as possible, and is currently indisposed. Either way, join them and you'll certainly have something to bond over.

Specifications for Christmas Lindt Peppermint Cookie Lindor Balls

Brand Lindt chocolate Australia
Size 500g Bag , 10kg Box