'If Nana's Were Flowers I'd Pick You' Planter Stick Style 3

Give your Nanny a special gift that she will always remember with our Personalised Mother's Day Planter Sticks. Mother's Day is one of the most special days of the year, and make sure you show your mum just how special she is! Our custom planter sticks are engraved with your name on them, making them extra special! These custom mother's day gifts are made with wood or acrylic and are 3mm thick.

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With Mother's Day falling on the second Sunday of May each year, it's pretty easy to guess what's planned. Firstly, there's the classic breakfast in bed. There's toast, there's butter and jam, there's coffee and a chocolate or two, or a more generous feast of pancakes, perhaps. There might be lovingly crafted personalised decorations featuring macaroni shells and finger paint, or an ugly statue that says "I Love Mum". Or there will be booze and tickets to a jazz festival (now Mum's sitting up and paying a bit more attention!). Maybe you're all out of ideas? What about a personalised Mother's Day planter stick? We'll bet you hadn't thought of that. It's lightweight, simple and can be completely personalised for your mum. You can either pop it in mum's favourite plant or surprise her with a freshly potted one. These delicate custom creations can say just about anything that fits: "Best mum ever", "Love you to the moon and back", "You're a bit of alright, mum", "you're livin' the dream" or something else completely. A quote from Mum's favourite poem, perhaps, or a line you thought up all by yourself? You can choose from a range of fonts, sizes and styles. Pop it in a plant of your choosing and watch mum tear up with pride every time the plant gets watered. It's the gift that keeps on giving.