Red Ball Pops 50 pack

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Sweetworld brand is Australia's leading importer of novelty confectionery for children, focusing on the seasonal market for both domestic and foreign markets.

If reindeers talked, they'd say you should forget the boring carrots and feed them red ball pops instead.
Colour: Red and White
Flavour: Cherry
Size: 1kg (50 x 20g Lollipops)

Rudolf and his reindeer buddies have a bit of a bone to pick with you. And when a reindeer has a gripe, he gets grumpy! So it's best to listen. The thing is, reindeers feel like they get the raw end of the bargain. Santa gets milk and delicious chocolate chip cookies, and the kids get all these wonderful toys, pretty shiny things wrapped in crinkly paper. But what do reindeers get? Yep that's right. Boring old carrots. I'll bet you didn't know that reindeer have a sweet tooth. The lollies and white striped cherry flavoured ball pops. They can lick and nibble on red ball pops all day long, and it gives them a bit of extra zing so they fly faster. We'll be putting them out for the reindeers at our Sydney lolly warehouse this year.


Sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, artificial and natural flavours, titanium dioxide, artificial colours

Specifications for Red Ball Pops 50 pack

Size 1 Pack or Bulk Box 8 Units
Colour Red
Brand Sweetworld
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Cherry

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