Red Lunch Napkins 40 pack

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Red Lunch Napkins 40 pack
Red napkins make a statement on Valentine's Day, at a political victory or a sporting team celebration.
Size: 330mm x 330mm
Colour: Red

There's nothing quite as vibrant as a red themed celebration. You might be celebrating (or lamenting) a change of government, shouting your love from the hilltops on February 14th, or living it up with some sporting camarades after a team victory. Whatever the red-tinged occasion, Candy Bar Sydney has a lolly warehouse bursting to the seams with red themed lollies and party supplies. Red tablecloths, cups, plates, party balloons, streamers... you might be overwhelmed at the enormous range of radical red goodies. It's a confronting colour, after all. If that's the case, let us help you plan. For a cracking red candy buffet, may we recommend red speckles, red chocolate buttons, red and white swirl rock candy lollipops, Wonka Redskins, and red strawberry clouds. Oh, and red napkins. A whole lot of rich red napkins.

Specifications for Red Lunch Napkins 40 pack

Size Bulk 5 Packs or 1 Pack
Colour Red
Brand Five Star Party Co.
Event / Occasion Christmas

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