Red Sherbet Bombs 500g

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Lagoon Confectionery

Lagoon Confectionery is a 100% Australian-owned and operated family business and the original creators of the legendary Sherbet Bomb, a quality product.

The two-faced treat that’s simply delicious to defeat.
Colour: Red wrapper with pink lollies
Flavour: Lemon
Weight: 500g
Quantity: Approximately 50 black Sherbet Bombs per kg

These deadly sweets are the undercover spies of the candy world. Though they may look like cute little kids they are actually deadly ninjas! Or something. These lollies are encased in red wrappers but are a pretty pink colour underneath. Don’t be deceived by their good looks, though, because they’re hiding a luscious lemon flavour. How’s that for a duplicitous candy? Thankfully, Red Sherbet Bombs make up for their tricky nature by having a big and loveable personality – their pleasingly tart taste is complimented by a fizzy sherbet centre. Plus who cares if Red Sherbet Bombs have a hidden agenda? You’re the one with the power as you can easily gobble them up in a second! All’s fair in love and war, right? When it comes to Red Sherbet Bombs you do what you have to do: eat them before they get out of line. Deceit never tasted so sweet.

Specifications for Red Sherbet Bombs 500g

Size 500g Bag or Bulk - 7kg Box
Colour Red
Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Lemon
Country of Origin Australia

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