There are a thousand ways to express your feelings on Valentine's Day - in song, with lollies and chocolates, through interpretive dance.... may we add a fresh and exciting new method of communication to the mix? Say it with cheeky, fun and frivolous Valentine's Day balloons. These beauties have come a long way over the years and ain't what they used to be. You might have visions of corny red love hearts and soppy teddy bears (and don't despair! Those hearts are still insanely popular and we're not running out of them any time soon!) but oh my, when you see what's on the shelves today, it'll make you laugh, scoff and coo, possibly all in quick succession. You can get luxury rose gold balloons that spell the word "love" in chic handwriting, you can get kisses and hugs, hey, you can even get cute emojis! Say it with style, load it with humour or go for good old-fashioned soppiness. There's a balloon for every love story.

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