Hold on tight because things are about to get cracking around here. While Candy Bar Sydney is not one to condone violence, there's something about our collection of sour straps that makes us want to whack 'em down fast. More than just a lolly from the warehouse, they're quite versatile. There are so many ways to play with a sour strap, it'd be hard to mention them all. Use them however you want, we won't judge. Tie them with your tongue, wear them as a headband, hide them down your trouser leg for later. Arguably, the best way to eat a sour strap is to roll it up and cram it into your mouth with alarming speed. These bad boys might be flat but they're full of flavour, everything from ice cream to watermelon, from toffee apple to Ka-Bluey. What flavour is Ka-Bluey, anyway? We won't ruin the fun by revealing.

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