No-one spelled it out more plainly than the great Nat King Cole with his classic jazz number L-O-V-E. And if you've a penchant for bold romantic gestures, spell it out as clearly as possible with shiny, glorious foil letter balloons and leave your lover on a permanent helium high. Whether it's LOVE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY or WILL YOU MARRY ME, CORNELIUS QUINCY AUGUSTINE WHITHERPICKLE THE THIRD? you're trying to spell out, we've got the letters, the bling and the colours to make it pop while you pop the question. And don't worry. This is not like a game of Scrabble, in which you can never find an E when you need one. All the party balloons at this Sydney party shop are in ample supply. Which is particularly important when your fiance's name is Cornelius Quincy Augustine Whitherpickle the Third.

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