When it comes to cupcake recipes, these days the imagination knows no bounds. So throw your meticulously decorated cupcakes at us and we'll find ways to make them look even more spectacular with our baking cups and cupcake toppers. Let's give it a whirl. Apple pie cupcakes with cinnamon icing? May we recommend the gold geometric baking cups. Dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with coconut frosting and a cheeky coffee bean on top, however, would look particularly striking in our red stripe baking cups. And your darling ice cream sundae cupcakes with rich vanilla frosting and a cherry on top will look glorious in our pink and gold POP wrappers. I guess what we're trying to say is, whatever dessert delights you're planning, Candy Bar Sydney will have the perfect baking cups and cupcake toppers to make them look even more extraordinary.

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