Useful things to do with cutlery at a party: cut your char-grilled steaks into itty bitty little pieces with wooden knives by Paper Eskimo and savour them one by one. Feed chocolate coffee birthday cake with gold-dusted espresso cream to your favourite person at the party using a shiny gold plastic fork. Show up at the party with a silver spoon in your mouth simply because everyone's expecting you to: we've got silver glitter plastic spoons that should do the trick. Shovel globs of no-bake classic tiramisu into your son's mouth with a school bus plastic yellow dessert spoon, simply so you can get a word in edgewise. Not having any fun? Visualise sticking a hot magenta plastic fork into someone's eye with whom you don't particularly enjoy talking. See? Such useful implements, and the range of cutlery colours and styles available at Candy Bar Sydney will surprise and delight.

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