Remember what mum always used to say at the dinner table on Sundays? We have to be on our best behaviour just in case the Queen pops in for dinner. She probably brought out the good china too, didn't she? Bless you mum, the chances are pretty slim that Lizzie could possibly find the time for a cheeky Sunday lamb roast between (doing X and doing Y), but we all got the right idea in the end. It's always best to be prepared in case royalty decides to make an entrance. This is an important consideration when planning a party. Look at Our Mary: she ran into a Danish prince at a pub, for goodness' sake! It can happen when you least expect it, so make sure you've got the appropriate gold serveware at your party so that you can impress anyone you wish to impress in a heartbeat. Choose from shimmering golden plates, cups, balloons, cutlery, napkins and plenty more.

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