Small Metal Candy Buffet Scoops

Excessive, gluttonous candy consumption is encouraged at the Candy Bar Sydney with the Small Candy Buffet Scoop.
Dimensions: 18cm length x 6cm width 
Not dishwasher safe.

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Candy Bar Sydney

Candy Bar Sydney is a fantastic crew that works tirelessly to ensure that your events are a success. Candy Bar Sydney is all about throwing a wild party!

We all remember Augustus Gloop and his unfortunate fate while touring Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. That river of chocolate was too appealing, the lad couldn’t cope. He perched precariously on the bank of the chocolate river and shovelled the delicious stream of milk chocolate into his mouth, as much as he could possibly handle, until gravity got the better of him and he landed headfirst in the river of chocolate and was sucked away for purifying. Poor gluttonous Augustus Gloop. If only he’d come to us at the Candy Bar Sydney for advice. We would have recommended he have a small candy buffet scoop on him at all times. After all, if you’re going to indulge in gluttony, get it right the first time. The small candy buffet scoops are perfect for shovelling, grabbing, scooping, hoarding, and coveting copious amounts of candy in one full swoop.


Colour Silver
Brand Candy Bar Sydney