Tuftex Empower Mint 12cm Mini Latex Balloons

Colour : Empower Mint
Finish : Fashion
Size : 12cm Latex Balloons
Quantity : 10 Balloons Per Pack

Add some fun to your event with our beautiful, on trend, high-quality Tuftex balloons. Mix and match them with our other balloons to create your event decor.

Tuftex balloons are made with extra thick biodegradable latex making them more durable and longer lasting.

TUFTEX latex is made using the highest quality natural rubber latex from sap that has been tapped - a process which has no harmful impact on the health of the rubber tree.

Please note that, due to the settings of each individual monitor, balloon colours may not be exactly as they appear on the screen

Balloons can be filled with helium or air. Mini 12cm balloons can only be filled with air. Due to the different grades of helium available on the market, we do not guarantee any float times so please ensure you do a test run to check the floating times prior to your event to avoid any disappointment.

* Please note: All balloons are sold flat-packed and uninflated.

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Size 1 Pack (10 Balloons) or Bulk 50 Balloons
Brand Tuftex