White and Gold Merry Christmas Cups 12 Pack

White and Gold Merry Christmas Cups
Colour: White and gold
Capacity: 200ml
Quantity: 12 pack

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Shmick Party Supplies

Skittles candy are already a household name and barely need any introduction. What makes them so popular among candy connoisseurs and lolly lovers? Skittles are kind of eccentric. Over the years we've seen strange and wacky advertising campaigns in bulk, all rooting for this tiny little pocket rocket full of fruity fabulousness. Giraffes, dancing socks, the man with the Midas touch... Skittles ads are frequently banned and often baffling but never forgotten, and tend to make the masses run out and buy bulk Skittles faster than a Russian villager going after a brown bear with a pitchfork. But perhaps even more than marketing prowess, it's authenticity and an unchanged recipe for success that makes people want to run out and buy Skittles. All the money and fancy advertising in the world can't buy that. You'd be hard pressed to find a fruitiness that comes anywhere close to that of a Skittle.


Brand Shmick Party Supplies
Size 1 Pack