White Speckled White Choc Jewels

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The romantic chocolate that looks just like a sparkling engagement ring.
Colour: White
Flavour: White Chocolate
Weight: 1kg
Quantity: Approximately 290 White Speckled White Chocolate Jewels
Diameter: 2.5cm
Please note this is a delicate item, while we pack everything carefully there may be some breakages in transit.  

White Speckled White Chocolate Jewels make us think of the most innocent of romantic pleasures – white horses pulling a carriage, doves released at a wedding reception, the most perfect lace and satin dress, or a cluster of pearly roses tied with a silk ribbon. With their speckles shining on a white gold base of chocolate, they even look like that most coveted of romantic symbols: the engagement ring. White Speckled White Chocolate Jewels evoke the sweetest type of romantic love, the kind that you dreamed about as a little girl. If your white knight has finally rode in then White Speckled White Chocolate Jewels may be just what you need for your special day. They add an elegant touch to your all-white candy bar, look lovely on vanilla frosted cupcakes, or compliment a pretty party favour. Your wedding demands a chocolate just as romantic as you are.

Specifications for White Speckled White Choc Jewels

Size 8kg Box or 700g Bag
Colour White
Event / Occasion Wedding
Flavour Chocolate
Chocolate Type White Compound

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