Yellow Candy Poles 30 pack

Bright and tangy, these yellow candy poles are good to give to grumpy guests and Grinches.
Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Lemon
Size: 30 x 17cm Candy Poles
Please note: Though they are packaged with care, candy poles are a bulk lollipop product and some may be broken in transit. All candy poles are individually wrapped so can still be used on display.

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Sweetworld brand is Australia's leading importer of novelty confectionery for children, focusing on the seasonal market for both domestic and foreign markets.

There's always one party guest who didn't quite get the memo about having fun. Lurking moodily in the corner, he grumbles about whatever he can. The music is too loud, the cake is too sweet, someone got cream on his favourite shirt. As an accommodating host, you have two choices.

You can let the resident party pooper have his way, souring the mood of all that surround him and putting a downer on your carefully planned festivities. Or you can try to sweeten the deal for him. Candy Bar Sydney has a new sweet treat in store that should do the trick: a lemon yellow candy pole. You can't look at, sample, or consume this cheery lolly without the smallest hint of a smile, it is impossible. Life may have given him lemons, but you can give your guest a lemony treat that will turn his day around instead.


Sugar, Malt Syrup, Lemon Flavour, Artificial Colours


Size 1 Pack or Bulk Box 12 Units
Colour Yellow
Brand Sweetworld
Flavour Lemon