Caramel Lindt Chocolate Lindor Balls

Caramel Lindt Chocolate Lindor Balls
Swim in a decadent bathtub of caramel Lindt chocolate balls if that's what your heart desires.
Flavour: Milk chocolate shell with a smooth caramel chocolate centre
Colour: Gold/Bronze foil
Approximately 40 lindt balls per 500g
Only 50c a lindor ball in the 500g bag or as low as 43c in a 10kg box

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We are indeed quite partial to an indulgent and attractive caramel chocolate treat here at our Sydney lollyballs arrived at the candy store. You know that fantasy where you're sitting contentedly in a bathtub full of gooey caramel and milk chocolate, happy as a pig in mud? This is about as close as it gets. If you wanted to buy these lollies in bulk, you could technically unwrap them and fill your entire bathtub to the brim with Lindt caramel chocolate balls, then wait for things to melt down. But we prefer to think that they wouldn't even make the trip home, so divinely delicious are the caramel Lindt balls. Pop them into glass candy jars on the candy buffet next to Lindt in a wide variety of other exotic flavours.

Specifications for Caramel Lindt Chocolate Lindor Balls

Brand Lindt chocolate Australia
Colour Gold
Flavour Chocolate
Size 500g Bag , 10kg