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Sydney’s Bulk Lollies and Chocolate Shop

The folks at Candy Bar Sydney love a rip-roaring party! Exploring our world of bulk chocolate, bulk lollies and themed party supplies online is a bit like entering a parallel party universe, a recipe for awesomeness in which the essential ingredients are all ready and waiting and all you have to do is add your guests.

This is where to turn if you find yourself unexpectedly lumped with organizing a large-scale Christmas party. Co-ordinate, cater and decorate for the most extravagant Easter egg hunt known to man. Create a magical Melbourne Valentine’s Day soiree with hundreds of heart-shaped balloons wafting gently above your heads (we’ve got the Helium tank hire under control) or a super spooky Halloween party in Brisbane with the most legendary lolly bags on the block - all this with just a couple of clicks. Whatever your party priorities entail, we’re a veritable one-stop party destination.

Take a walk through the towering shelves of our candy warehouse. You might be speechless at first when you take in the assortment of sherbet and sour lollies, Aussie and American lollies (well hello, Hershey’s!), bulk chocolate and bon bons. You’ll do a double take when you see the variety of single colour lollies, coveted for sophisticated candy bars and wedding celebrations. You might recognise the brands from your childhood fondly, like Allen’s, Cadbury, Nestle and Lifesavers. Yet you’ll also be intrigued and delighted by exotic wares from brands in our very own backyard and also further afield (Pariya and Trolli, here’s lookin’ at you). Ah, what a wonderful world we live in, full of mouth-watering marshmallows, luscious lollipops, heavenly jelly beans and scrumptious chocolate bars, chocolate melts and chocolate hearts. Candy Bar Sydney pays tribute to your inner child and your inner chef with our wondrous and ever-changing array of tongue-tingling, mouth-melting, eye-catching candy and chocolate.

Alongside our candy utopia is an impressive collection of party supplies, bursting at the seams with tablecloths, paper cups, paper plates and stylish napkins. Create a sophisticated ambiance for discerning adults or a cheery, kid-friendly rainbow-coloured paradise: the choice is yours. Don’t hold back: you can get your party loot delivered to Sydney, Melbourne and nationally. There are your usual, run-of-the-mill chocolate shops and then there’s Candy Bar Sydney: run by fun-loving party and lolly experts who go the extra mile for your event.

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