5 Gum Australia

As a brand, 5 gum is young, fearless and undeniably cool. Which is lucky, because that’s exactly the look the wholesale confectionery distributor Wrigley was going for when they brought this exciting and sleek new chewing gum onto the market in 2009. 5 gum is bold, flavoursome and innovative, a chewing gum meant for those who want to challenge the status quo, go beyond their limits and challenge themselves to try new things. Because after all, life happens in 5.

Don’t be confused by the name. There are 12 sticks of gum per 5 pack and there are actually 7 different flavours of gum available. Here, Wrigley chose to mix up tradition and innovation): peppermint cobalt is sleek black, bright blue and sharp in impact, Spearmint Rain is fresh and vivid green, Wintermint Ascent conjures up icy cold scenes from the ski slopes, Watermelon Prism is bright and summery and Sour Strawberry Flood is unexpectedly fruity and just a bit different. If you’re not necessarily after an adrenaline hit every time you reach for a stick of chewing gum, RPM is the chilled out flavour of choice, and if you’d like to be challenged on your expectations of mint, try a React 2.0.

With some rather brilliant marketing and sophisticated packaging choices, Wrigley has reached the next generation of gum lovers successfully with 5 gum, distributing a product that exceeds all their expectations. Candy Bar Sydney works directly with this wholesale confectionery giant and can distribute wholesale quantities of 5 gum products to your stores at surprisingly low prices. If your customers are crying out for an innovative new product that invites them to be bold and fearless, get some 5 gum in bulk on your shelves, stat. Talk to Candy Bar Sydney to find out more.