Benefits of Joining

We are Candy Buffet Specialists!

Creating your first candy buffet can be a little daunting. There are so many different jars, lollies and decorations. Then there's the question of how many lollies do you have for each person. All this before you've placed a single jar on the table.

That's where Candy Bar Sydney can help. We're always searching for the latest and greatest lollies, jars and decorations to help make our candy buffets fun, inspirational and inventive. Every great product we find, we stock in our shop so that you can create your own fantastic and unique candy buffets.  

Come into our warehouse and we can help you design your candy buffets from start to the finest finishing touches.  

Finding the right advice, the right products and the people to help you put it all together, just got a whole lot easier! 

Track your orders

All our packages are sent with tracking numbers that helps you keep on eye on when your delivery should be arriving. When you receive your email confirming your item has been shipped, simply click the tracking URL and you will be given an up to date summary of your delivery. Brilliant!

Create a Wishlist

A wishlist is a great way to plan your events. Instead of simply heaping all your products into the cart and losing track of what products were for which candy bar, set up a separate wishlist for each event.

By separating your events, you can more accurately plan your events design and keep an eye on your costs.

Its another way Candy Bar Sydney is helping you create fantastic candy buffets. To read more on Wishlist's click here