Betallic Balloons Australia

Flipping through a Betallic catalogue of vibrant foil and latex party balloons can be daunting – the variety and sheer creativity of their product range is somewhat breathtaking. If you’re charged with creating the balloon sculpture to end all balloon sculptures or you just want to help people make their parties “pop” (oh, dear), Betallic is the wingman you definitely want to get on board.

These guys have been in the business of creating foil and latex balloons that go beyond for more than three decades. As far as themed foil party balloons go, we’ve never seen so much joyful craziness as can be found in the catalogue of this large-scale wholesale balloon company with distributors on several continents. Halloween, graduation, Christmas, birthdays, weddings – sure, these are the usual contenders you’d expect from a leading international balloon distribution company, but then things get even kookier. Glitter holographs. Numbers and letters in every colour of the rainbow. Emojis. Grumpy Cats. #OMGthereareevenhashtagballoons.

The whimsical collection of latex balloons from the wholesaler Betallic are covered with gorgeous patterns and fashioned into fabulous shapes. If you really know what you’re doing (or even if you don’t), you can create some exquisite and truly intricate balloon sculptures, and Betallic is always happy to help. It’s a thumbs up from us … and yes, there’s a foil balloon for that.

Betallic’s presence in Australia is managed by the distributor Five Star Party Co, and Candy Bar Sydney has a fantastic working relationship with this mega-wholesaler, which means you can expect rapid and flexible distribution arrangements and surprisingly low prices from us. If you want flamboyant Betallic products in all shapes and sizes to line your shelves and fill your displays, talk to Candy Bar Sydney to find out more.