Allergy-Free Rocky Road That Rocks the House

27 May 2018 by
Allergy-Free Rocky Road That Rocks the House

Rocky Road House is what happens when you don’t find what you’re searching for, so you go out and make it happen. It’s “follow your dream”, “reach for the stars” and “be your own rainbow”, all smooshed up together into a prize-winning allergy-free chocolate bar and stuffed in your kid’s stocking just in time for Christmas.

You see, Danielle Proctor had a problem. Her daughter loved candy and desserts but she couldn’t eat much of them because of food allergies. And there’s nothing more heart-breaking than watching your kid look longingly at an out-of-bounds candy buffet, right? Knowing that her daughter particularly loved rocky road, this enterprising Aussie mum got creative and made a rocky road cake. But not just any rocky road cake. Oh no, this baby was everything you want at a kid’s birthday party: egg free, gluten free, peanut free and super tasty.

Naturally, the mums at school were impressed, the teachers were delighted, and the kids went nuts, except that they didn’t, because there wasn’t a peanut to be seen. Friends, acquaintances, neighbours, teachers and random passers-by started placing orders. Then the country’s confectionery connoisseurs sat up and paid attention. Before she could say “how many candy cans can a candy canner can if he can can candy cans?” (try it really fast), she had herself a shiny new career.

After a lot of trying and testing recipes, Rocky Road House settled on a 200g rocky road bar packed with all sorts of good things inside. The basis for any Rocky Road House product is the fundamental ingredients in a rocky road recipe: lashings of chocolate and fluffy marshmallows. They substitute peanuts with surprisingly crunchy corn puffs and add textural delights and flavour nuances as they see fit. Rocky Road House is constantly innovating, and the bars they come up with are, quite frankly, incredible.

We’re mad about the way the 200g bars combine tradition and innovation, texture and flavour. Take the Jolly Jaffa Way bar, for example. Two brilliant Aussie confectionery traditions spanning decades, brought together in an exciting new format. And who would have thought to add popping candy? It’s such a textural delight. Salted Caramel Corner is a particular delight for those who don’t mind stepping too far outside the box. For the rocky road purists among you, we can heartily recommend the Milk Choc Lane – it’s sensationally simple.

Rocky Road House products are particularly popular at school fundraising events, get stuffed into Christmas stockings, are given to teachers as an end-of-year thank you and come out in bulk at children’s birthday parties. “Funny Bunny” finds his way into Easter baskets across the country too.

The best bit, of course, is that everything is allergy-free, so mums, dads, grandparents, babysitters and teachers everywhere can put the Epi-pens away and everyone can breathe easy. Let your kids cram as much of a Rocky Road House bar in their mouth as humanly possible and delight in their happy chocolaty grins.

Allergy-Free Rocky Road That Rocks the House
Tom 27 May 2018
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