Hammond’s: The American Candy Bar Sensation that is Buzzin’, Cuzzin

27 May 2018 by
Hammond’s: The American Candy Bar Sensation that is Buzzin’, Cuzzin

Packaging_9We’re as cranked as a bunch of crazy kids in a cookin’ candy store. Why?

Candy Bar Sydney has just welcomed Hammond’s chocolate bars into our ever-growing range of American candy bars with open arms and jaws that hit the floor.

We’re certain you’re going to flip when you try them too. After all, Hammond’s stands for everything we love about American sweets: artisan quality, nostalgia, old-fashioned values and an authentic taste that makes your eyes pop out of your head.

The story behind the Hammond’s brand is just another example of that entrepreneurial spirit that defines American business: little Carl Hammond came home from school one day and decided he didn’t need no education no more. Making sure to quash any aspirations he might hold of being a dole bludger, his mum sent him out to get a job. Working as an apprentice in an American candy store, Carl’s fate was sealed and Hammond’s Candy was born soon after, going from strength to strength even in the wake of the Great Depression.


Once Carl got his claws into his very own candy warehouse, he created one sweet American candy sensation after another. Some of the hand-crafted American sweets you might already know and love from Hammond’s include the Mitchell Sweet (a caramel-coated marshmallow) and chocolate-filled peppermint candy canes, which must surely be the coolest and tastiest stocking fillers ever.

But now, let’s talk chocolate. With its large range of colourful and drop-dead gorgeous chocolate bars, Hammond’s invites you to take your own personal pleasure in the USA’s most legendary exports. Just feast your eyes upon the fabulous American flavours on offer: PB&J Sandwich, malted milkshake, Pigs N’ Taters, the classic Peanut Butter Cup, even Bourbon Pecan Pie. Lordy, it just about dilled our pickle! We ordered three of our favourites in bulk for our Sydney candy shop: Cookie Dough, Sea Side Caramel and Grasshopper Pie.

We already know that cookie dough is a worldwide sensation, so what makes the Hammond’s variety extra sweet? The gooey, chewy dough is so authentic, you’ll feel like you plied it right out of the mixing bowl with your index finger. Be extra decadent and crush one into your next batch of double chocolate chip pudding cookies.


Everyone in the confectionery industry is already nuts about salted caramel. We particularly like the Hammond’s Sea Side Caramel candy bar for its signature milk chocolate and classy dash of sea salt. Melt one into a cup of frothy hot milk for a nightcap with a difference. Oh, and then there’s the all-star Grasshopper Pie. Now, grasshopper pie is inspired by a spectacular cocktail: recipes vary but the beverage is basically a mouthwatering choc-mint cream sensation with plenty of crème de menthe and crème de cacao. The Southern hostesses of the 1950’s turned this beauty into a good ol’ fashioned pie using choc mint ice-cream and chocolate cake. Cover that in a decadent coating of dark chocolate and you can see why we were sold. Bonus points if you scatter Grashopper Pie bar fragments onto the top of your grasshopper pie.

You can find these sensational American candy bars on candy buffets, in favour boxes at retro parties or simply perched patiently on counter tops in candy shops, waiting for you to cram them unapologetically into your mouth.

Hammond’s Candies Sea Side Caramel American Chocolate Bar
Hammond Cookie Dough Chocolate Bar
 American Chocolate Bars-Hammonds-Grasshopper-Pie-64g
Hammonds Grasshopper Pie – American Chocolate Bars
Hammond’s: The American Candy Bar Sensation that is Buzzin’, Cuzzin
Kelly 27 May 2018
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