Rock Candy for Christenings and Weddings

27 May 2018 by
Rock Candy for Christenings and Weddings


What Is Rock Candy?

This small hard piece of candy genius knows how to pack a punch. It comes into being through the recrystallization of pure cane sugar. By dissolving pure sugar cane in water, the sucrose is broken down. In the right conditions this molecular structure reforms, producing larger, purer crystals. The crystals are harvested as rock candy crystal sticks, strings, or loose crystals under controlled conditions. Fascinating stuff.

Rock Candy: A Hard Yet Toothsome Journey Through Time

As we all know too well, sugar is the best form of medicine. Why else would doctors give out jelly beans to children in the treatment rooms? As a precaution we here at Candy Bar Sydney make sure to consume a little bit every day, and so far, its seems to be working.

In a similar vein, rock candy has been recognised as having therapeutic and preservative qualities for centuries. If the history books are correct, sugar was used exclusively for therapy and preservation until the 18th century when people realised that medicine tasted really good. From then on in, it was added to syrups for coughs and colds, and began its journey into our recipes and our hearts as a veritable taste sensation.

At Candy Bar Sydney we sell all manner of rock candy in 1kg bags, in all colours of the rainbow. This handsome treat can be decorated as you please: crosses, love hearts, stars, little messages of love, you name it. This makes rock candy perfect for bonbonniere at christenings or weddings all over Australia. We’ve got swirl rock candy lollipops available in almost every shade imaginable, and if we don’t have the colour you want, then we can have it made for you. Check them all out here.

Rock Candy for Christenings and Weddings
Kelly 27 May 2018
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