The Country Has Spoken: Allen’s Peaches and Cream

27 May 2018 by
The Country Has Spoken: Allen’s Peaches and Cream
Allen's racing cars, black cats or peaches and cream?
Allen’s racing cars, black cats or peaches and cream?

Earlier this year, a disgruntled customer took to social media to address her concerns with Australian confectionery mega-giant Allen’s. Her sad plight? Allen’s delicious Peaches and Cream were lacking in her life, or rather, when she opened a Party Mix, she was devastated to find less than half a handful of her favourite jelly lollies in a pack. Left disappointed, she had no choice but to air her concerns. And it just goes to show what the power of social media can achieve: Allen’s heard her prayer and decided it was worth a discussion. So they left it to the nation to vote.


While citizens in other countries were gearing up to make truly game-changing political decisions, Australians were concerned with just one thing: which Allen’s sweet treat deserves its own packet? The Black Cat, the Retro Racing Car or the Peaches and Cream?


Allen's Peaches and Cream
Allen’s Peaches and Cream


The nation was faced with a tough choice. Although black cat lovers were quite vocal in their howling protest and retro racing car supporters kicked up a decent cloud of dust, the clear winner was indeed the gooey, fluffy, fruity Peaches and Cream. And who could possibly dispute the awesomeness of the Peaches and Cream? These peachy candy delights are a unique taste sensation. We’re surprised it took Allen’s so long to give them their spot on the stage.


Allen's Peached and Cream Bulk Bag 1.3kg
Allen’s Peached and Cream Bulk Bag 1.3kg


Speaking of a spot on the stage, peaches have a lot to answer for when it comes to culinary arts and popular culture. Just look at Peach Melba, a tantalising dessert with peaches, raspberry sauce and ice cream, named after the legendary Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba. In 1996, the Presidents of the United States of America released an alternative rock hit about peaches that took the world by storm. Then there was the American R&B ensemble 112: they couldn’t stop raving about Peaches and Cream in their 2001 top ten Billboard hit by the same name. Clearly, Allen’s decision to bag the Peaches and Cream wasn’t just caving into social media pressure. It was a nod at international classical and popular culture.


Candy Bar Sydney has always supported Allen’s as a true blue Aussie confectionery brand, and so we’re delighted to welcome Allen’s Peaches and Cream to the family, as well as several other new and exciting lolly creations from this household name.

Allen's Peaches and Cream 170g
Allen’s Peaches and Cream 170g
The Country Has Spoken: Allen’s Peaches and Cream
Kelly 27 May 2018
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