Bounty Chocolate Bars Wholesale

The most treasured loot in the Mars Australia chest, the Bounty is a heady mix of tropical coconut and milk chocolate bliss, all wrapped up in the same azure that adorns the sky above the sea on a glorious day. Any self-respecting pirate would surely trade an entire chest of glittering gold dubloons for just one (rather generous) bite of this sensational island-esque sweet treat. The kid that gets landed with the Bounty from the Fun Size Variety Mix always feels like he’s hit the jackpot. And now that we’re working directly with Mars Australia to distribute wholesale quantities of Bounty to your stores at sensational prices, we here at Candy Bar Sydney feel like we’ve hit the jackpot too.

Whoever originally hit upon the idea to combine the flavours of coconut and milk chocolate way back in the early 1950’s was onto a winner, but then confectionery wholesaler Mars Australia took it a step further and introduced the dark chocolate and cherry varieties. The legend of the Bounty travelled far and wide, and it wasn’t long before celebrities (Nigella, we’re looking at you) were doing crazy and delicious things with Bounty bars. The concept of the Bounty is in fact so unique that it has become a noun that encompasses all manner of coconut and chocolate desserts. Such is the sensational power of the Bounty.

Nothing beats your first bite into the original Bounty bar, and it’s a bestseller on the chocolate bar scene that wholesalers and retailers just can’t ignore. Candy Bar Sydney can help you organise fast and flexible distribution of Bounty and other wholesale Mars products – get in touch to find out more.