Cadbury Chocolate Wholesale

Two hundred years of chocolate-flavoured brilliance – that’s what Cadbury will get to celebrate in just a matter of years! In 1824, a very clever man named John Cadbury opened a grocery store and ground his own drinking chocolate with a mortar and pestle. Just as the Aztecs enjoyed chocolate for the first time in liquid form centuries earlier, the Cadbury adventure too began with a hot and creamy beverage. That was just the beginning of a truly wild confectionery ride – one that has taken Cadbury through over forty countries, has spanned almost two centuries and that turns over billions of dollars each year. What an insanely popular chocolate wholesaler, and what a massive range of hugely popular wholesale chocolate treats!

The Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks as we know them today first began to appear at the beginning of the twentieth century. Easter eggs were developed by Cadbury in 1875, but it’s the quintessential Crème Egg that really took the world by storm in the seventies. Other national and international Cadbury treasures include the Picnic, the Wispa, the Curly Wurly and the newest kid on the block: Marvellous Creations, in which you cram as much interesting texture, colour and flavour as you possibly can into a thick block of chocolate. As far as chocolate goes, it’s flamboyant and fabulous.

Cadbury became a part of the hugely successful confectionery wholesaler Mondelez International in 2010, which means that this part of the Cadbury adventure is a fairly recent one. Candy Bar Sydney is very excited indeed to be working directly with the distributor Mondelez International to bring you all your favourite Cadbury wholesale chocolates at insanely low prices. Whether you can’t get enough of the classic Dairy Milk blocks or you’re keen on exciting new flavours like Cadbury Coco or Marvellous Creations, you’ll find it at this Sydney candy store.