Cadbury Coco Chocolate Range Wholesale

You already know and love Cadbury Australia – it’s a household name for creamy and delicious blocks of chocolate wrapped in decadent purple. Simply crack open a block of chocolate for the whole family in front of the TV or pop a cheeky piece or two in your mouth with a cup of coffee. It’s a most delightful daily ritual. And then there’s Cadbury Coco.

Cadbury Coco is Cadbury like you’ve never seen it before: black and mysterious, smoky, premium quality dark chocolate edged with gold. The 70% cocoa contained in a block of Cadbury Coco isn’t just run-of-the-mill cocoa, it’s super fine quality stuff. This makes for a particularly refined and very unique flavour – one that conjures up images of spiralled staircases in mansions, a night at the opera, choreographed dances and handsome strangers gazing meaningfully across ballrooms.

The allure of Cadbury Coco is only enhanced by its fabulous range of elite flavours: 70% dark, dark mint, dark orange, raspberry and, for the real hardcore cacao enthusiasts, 80% dark. Cadbury Coco is clearly a chocolate wholesale operation for real confectionery connoisseurs.

Whatever Cadbury Coco conjures up for you, fact is, it’s good quality dark chocolate and it’s highly sought after on the candy scene. Which is why we’re over the moon to be working directly with Mondelez, the mega confectionery wholesaler responsible for Cadbury Coco chocolate. Together with Mondelez, Candy Bar Sydney can bring you these bold and beautiful golden-rimmed blocks of Cadbury Coco dark chocolate at the best possible prices.