Chupa Chups Bulk Wholesale

Chupa Chups: a Spanish confectionery success story that’s made billions of people happy around the world. These cute and tasty treats, individually wrapped in charming bright colours and served on tiny white sticks first graced the candy scene in the late 1950’s in Spain. They quickly gained recognition for their fun form, their unbeatable portability factor and their fabulous flavours.

Chupa Chups are not for solemn souls, they’re mostly enjoyed by candy connoisseurs who love a bit of frivolity and understand the allure of life’s oral pleasures, be they big or small. Nowadays, candy distributors and confectionery wholesalers like the Australian-owned and managed Stuart Alexander make sure that the international demand for Chupa Chups is duly satisfied.

The Strawberry and Cream Chupa Chup is possibly the warmest, creamiest and most delicious lollipop flavour known to man. Then there’s classic cola, fresh watermelon, lovely lemonade and plenty more. Oh, and here’s a bit of trivia we’ll bet you didn’t know: the Chupa Chups logo was designed by none other than the contemporary surrealist painter Salvador Dali. It took him an hour in a café to come up with a unique design that would quickly gain international recognition and achieve impressive longevity.

Candy Bar Sydney has some great news: we work with the candy wholesaler Stuart Alexander directly. They’ve been responsible for distributing Chupa Chups to Australian lolly fans since 2011, and we’re very happy to have them on board. This means you get your bulk Chupa Chup fix at spectacularly low prices directly from this humble Sydney lolly warehouse.