Conwin Balloon Equipment Australia

If you’ve got thousands of balloons to inflate for your next large-scale event, here’s a friendly tip from Candy Bar Sydney: don’t waste your breath! Our good friends and balloon inflation wholesaler specialists at Conwin have got that bit covered for you, and oh my, how they do it with style and expert precision. We work directly with Conwin, a second-generation family-owned distribution business, to bring you the best in party balloon supplies. They are the reigning kings and queens of balloon inflation, offering our clients the widest range of products at the best available prices. Conwin’s range includes air inflators, helium inflators and helium-saving inflators, among other accessories. Create beautiful, spectacular balloon displays on a mammoth scale with hardly any effort at all.

Established in 1960, it’s fair to say Conwin knows a thing or two about balloons inflation systems in their more-than-50 years around the party block. That’s why we love partnering with them - money simply cannot buy the experience the Conwin team offer. They pride themselves on being a forward-thinking company and they make sure to keep up with all of the latest party and event industry trends and developments. Talk to Candy Bar Sydney and we’ll distribute the most cutting edge, state-of-the-art balloon inflation technology at surprisingly low prices.

No more balloon popping disasters of epic proportions! Balloon inflation is indeed an art - one that Conwin and Candy Bar Sydney are proud to have perfected. Conwin’s range of inflators are designed to inflate balloons to the most precise pressure and size. Quality helium ensures maximum inflation time - even after the barman has called last drinks, your balloons will keep on keeping on, high in the sky. A precise inflation system means minimal balloon breakages and waste. Contact us at Candy Bar Sydney to find out more about Conwin’s incredible balloon inflation range.