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“Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund.” Anthony Bourdain


What Makes Domori So Unique

Beyond a chocolate manufacturer, Domori has become a pioneer in the world of cacao. 

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  • Domori was the first chocolate company to use only the world's finest cacao

  • The first to create a chocolate with Criollo Cacao, the rarest and most valuable bean

  • the first to create a 100% pure Criollo Bar

  • Domori also controls all phases of the supply chain, from bean production to bar creation

  • Beans sourced from Domori's own plantations help to ensure quality is foremost

  • The first to rediscover and use an ancient and simple formula for chocolate using only cocoa paste and sugar


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Domori Chocolate

Domori has revolutionised the world of cacao and the creation of superior chocolate. Using the most prized variety of cacao in the world, Criollo cacao beans, Domori has been able to create products of unrivaled quality.

Domori Professional

Know Callebaut? Love Callebaut? Want to try something different..?

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Only Fine Cacao - 10% of Global Harvest

Gianluca Franzoni, is the master of chocolate. Created in 1993, Domori was the first chocolate company to use only fine cacao in it's production. An uncompromising vision to produce only the finest chocolate, using only the most flavoursome Criollo cacao.  Fine cacao represents just 10% of the global harvest, while Criollo, the rarest variety of all, accounts for just over 0.001%.

Domori's Plantations

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  Domori boasts the largest collection of Criollo in the world: a true world heritage in matters of taste and biodiversity. Domori's story begins in Venezuela where Domori has established its plantation Hacienda San Josè. From this, the Criollo recovery project was born, which was carried out through research, project design, and the construction of the first nurseries, until 2001, the year in which Domori acquired 50% of the plantation. With a total surface area of 320 hectares, the plantation represents today a world heritage in matters of taste and biodiversity, as Domori recovered over 10 varieties of Criollo cacao

Domori Criollo Range

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World's Rarest Cacao Varieties

Elegant Dark chocolate bars curated using only the world's finest cacao. Different varieties of Criollo cacao, skillfully blended for a unique and extraodinary sensory experience. Criollo Blends are elegant for those who want to discover the authentic nature of aromatic cacao without compromise

Good Genes

  • Criollo cacao has a characteristic entirely white or pink hued cotyledon due to the absence or very low content of polyphenols such as epic-techin, procyanidins and anthocyanins. This lends the chocolate a cinnamon colour, exceptional roundness, very low astringency and a great persistence. From the aromatic point of view it generally has strong notes of dried fruit, and the aroma of bread, jam and cream.

  • The Forastero type has flat, violet shaded fresh beans with a high astringency.

  • Trinitarian descends from a hybridization between Criollo and Forastero. It combines some aromatic and sensory characteristics of the Criollo with the vigour and high yield of the Forastero. About 8% of the global harvest is Trinitario cacao


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Single Origin Chocolate Bars

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A selection of Trinitario cacaos with aromatic nuances, Domori's Single Origin Range are curated using cacao sourced from it's plantations located between Latin America and Africa: in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar and Tanzania. 

Trinitario cocoa is an aromatic cocoa, with its production covering a mere 8% of the world cocoa harvest. It has a rich and noble aromatic profile, as Criollo cacao. Each bar contains its own taste profile, revealing intense fragrances and aromatic notes with each bite.

Domori Napolitains - The Gift of Chocolate

Small moments of intense flavour, aromatic notes and chocolate of the finest quality. Serve with coffee or treat your guests with fine Italian Chocolate

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