Dove Chocolate Wholesale

There are so many reasons to love our direct working relationship with the wholesale chocolate distributor Mars Australia. One of these reasons is Dove. Dove represents all that is pure and wonderful about chocolate. You probably already know and love Dove chocolate simply for its unique smooth and creamy taste, but we’ve learnt so much more about this fascinating brand and Candy Bar Sydney has nothing but admiration for the team at Dove.

Dove started more than sixty years ago as a homemade ice-cream and chocolate creation, designed especially and lovingly by Leo Stefanos in the mid-fifties for his ice-cream-loving kids. What started as a fun and tasty treat took the nation by storm almost thirty years later in Washington. Mars/M&M acquired the brand shortly afterwards in the late eighties and promptly took it from strength to strength.

Luckily, this story of corporate takeover has a very happy ending for everyone, because the people at Dove are smart and considerate. They’re committed to the artisan bean to bar manufacture, they use certified cocoa from Rainforest Alliance farms and they promote sustainable techniques, such as the preservation of flavanols (really good bits) in the beans. Dove also supports male and female farmers actively through training.

This remarkable brand of artisan crafted milk and dark chocolate and other chocolate specialties is loved and cherished around the world, and Candy Bar Sydney is thrilled to be on board with Mars Australia. Our involvement with the wholesale distribution of Dove products means that you can expect surprisingly low prices. If your store shelves and displays are longing for bulk quantities of silky smooth superior Dove chocolate products by Mars Australia, drop us a line to coordinate wholesale distribution.