Eclipse Chewing Gum Australia

Wrigley was already an international superstar as a confectionery wholesaler – a highly-respected purveyor of lollies, candies and chewing gum. What next? A bold new move followed in the mid-noughties, inspired by the turn of the century, by fresh gusts of ice-cold wind and by the quest for confidence in face-to-face communication. Mints! Wrigley designed, produced and distributed fabulous breath mints.

Wrigley didn’t just deliver top-notch breath mints, they dressed them up smartly in a fabulous and stylish green tin. Eclipse was born and the wholesale confectionery world sat up and paid attention. Eclipse mints are sugar free, hard-pressed and mightily powerful. Over the years Wrigley have released their mints in a wild range of exciting flavours and colours: spearmint, peppermint and berry, just to name a few. The white, purple, blue and green tins are just as stylish as the shapely mints themselves. But regardless of the flavour nuances that distinguish Eclipse mints from others on the candy scene, one thing remains tried and true: the strong minty foundation that has what it takes to Eclipse bad breath once and for all.

Candy Bar Sydney collaborates directly with Wrigley to distribute Eclipse mints in wholesale quantities to retail outlets across the country. We appreciate our direct working relationship with this world-renowned wholesale distributor of confectionery. After all, Wrigley has made some terrific contributions to sustainability, ethical business and quality standards across the world. If your outlets are in need of a breath-defying wholesale supply of Eclipse products, distributed at surprisingly low prices, get in touch with Candy Bar Sydney to find out more.