Eclipse Ice Chewing Gum

Eclipse gave Australia a turn of the century breakthrough in the world of sugar-free chewing gum. As we all came crashing into the 21st century, the mega wholesale confectionery distributor Wrigley launched a new brand: Eclipse chewing gum, giving thousands of previously insecure and timid Aussie foodies the post-meal fresh breath they needed to boost their confidence and get carried away with life. Whatever it is you like to eat, be it curried egg, strips of raw onion, chili hot dogs or garlic bread, all you have to do is pop a piece of this extra powerful chewing gum in your mouth, and all signs of bad breath are promptly eclipsed. 

In 2005, Wrigley realised the biting coldness of their minty flavours was fresher than your average stick of gum and they decided to rebrand. Eclipse Ice was born and the sting of the winter freshness burst continued to brew under the crunchy outer shell of each individual piece, its impact startling and at once delighting its recipient.

Fast-forward more than a decade later and Eclipse Ice chewing gum is still covering the shelves and displays of retail outlets worldwide with a thick and impervious layer of mint-flavoured frost. Candy Bar Sydney works directly with Wrigley to distribute wholesale quantities of Eclipse Ice chewing gum to retail outlets, florists, newsagencies and other stores across the wide brown land. The advantage of our direct working relationship with Wrigley is clear: low prices, fast and flexible distribution, quality products. If you’re yearning for a snowstorm of Eclipse Ice products in bulk quantities, get in touch with Candy Bar Sydney to find out more.