Express & Same Day Shipping Options Available

Define 'Frustration': When you're in a mad rush and it feels like no one understands how important your event is. 

We all know what it's like to be frustrated. To feel, that no matter how hard you work and how much you want something to happen, everyone is against you. Slowly ambling through their day, not caring at all about your deadline. Well, at Candy Bar Sydney, we get it. We know that when the pressure is on, you need a candy comrade that can deliver fast!

So, if you're deadline is ticking like a time bomb, select 'Priority Status' at checkout and our team will have your goodies packed and sent by 2pm. If that's still not crazy urgent enough, we also have same day shipping available in Sydney so contact us via email at [email protected], or call 02 8502 9914. We'll sort it!