Extra Chewing Gum Australia

Thirty years ago, Australian tennis champion Liz Smylie won our hearts with her big smile and her adorable enthusiasm for sugar-free chewing gum. Since then, the chewing gum wholesale distributor Wrigley has taken Extra from strength to strength in Australia and beyond. Wrigley even managed to get the dental industry on board in the mid-nineties, citing the many health benefits of chewing sugar free gum after meals. We learnt all about neutralising pH levels and regulating plaque acid through chewing. Before we knew what hit us, every respectable Australian had a cheeky pack of Extra sugar-free gum in their backpack at all times, and we’ve never looked back.

Extra has gone from strength to strength since Liz Smylie beamed on camera three decades ago. Today, they’ve got three ranges of sugar-free chewing gum in a variety of flavours: the pickings include peppermint, spearmint, strawberry, bubblemint and lemon lime. But flavour isn’t the only revolutionary thing about Extra chewing gum. Packaging got very exciting too – Extra chewing gum is now available in handy little packs with soft individually wrapped strips or durable bottles with hard-coated pellets. The white range of Extra helps to reduce teeth staining while you’re chewing, and the Active range revolutionary breath-freshening crystal strips.

Extra is distributed into 180 countries by Wrigley. Candy Bar Sydney is lucky enough to have a fantastic direct working relationship with the distributor. This means that sugar-free gum products by Extra can land in bulk quantities on your displays or shelves at surprisingly low prices. If your retail outlets are much in need of a breath of fresh air, chat to Candy Bar Sydney about distribution of Wrigley Extra chewing gum and other coveted Wrigley wholesale products.