Fresha Bulk Candy Wholesale

Sometimes the well-meaning family pack size just isn’t quite enough to satisfy your bulk lolly cravings. We understand. That’s where Fresha Cadbury bulk candy steps in. If you need good quality, well-priced Halal certified candy distributed in wholesale quantities, you’ll be delighted by the Fresha lolly range.

All your childhood favourites are there. Any decent Aussie lolly that’s been coveted by generations of eager schoolkids in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or beyond is a part of the Fresha Cadbury bulk range. Take the classic Raspberries for example. The sugar-dusted rainbow-coloured jubes. The simple and ultimately creamy milk bottles. Fresha mixed snakes in all manner of colours are ideal for trading in the schoolyard or for tying in knots using only your tongue. Spearmint leaves are for the more sophisticated Aussie candy lovers among us, whereas Jelly Babies are for everyone. And naturally, at Halloween, you can distribute wholesale quantities of Candy Teeth into every loot bag that comes your way.

Fresha Cadbury has a few unique surprises up its sleeve, too. Some of the bulk lollies you might not have seen before include Cadbury Fresha Witchities (cheeky little yellow and white wormy looking things that taste sweet, creamy and fruity at the same time) and Fresha Mixed Berries – here, the soft jelly Raspberries you know and love have multiplied and morphed into a dazzling rainbow display.

Fresha Cadbury wholesale distribution is handled by Mondelez. Candy Bar Sydney has a fabulous direct working relationship with Mondelez and can coordinate sensational wholesale distribution of Fresha bulk candy at equally sensational prices. If your shelves are longing for large-scale packs of quality lollies at low prices, chat to Candy Bar Sydney to get the low down.