Guylian Chocolate Seashells Wholesale

Ahh, there is so much to love about Guylian and there’s so much love to be found in a single Guylian chocolate. The classic Seashell is a both a masterpiece of chocolate decadence and a tribute to love and passion: it was created and refined by two lovers, Guy and Liliane, in 1958. Guy mastered the signature roasted hazelnut praline filling and Liliane sculptured the shells lovingly and marbled their exterior with Belgian white and milk chocolate. How exquisite!

Hopefully, you can look back fondly at a special time in your life during which you received a gift box of Guylian Belgian chocolate Shells. If you can’t, then we hope that perhaps you were once thoughtful enough to give them as a gift. If you’re still looking blank, it’s time to get acquainted with these sensational chocolates. You’ll never look back.

The success of the Guylian Belgian Seashell in the sixties and beyond took the European chocolate company from strength to strength. They now create truffles, gift boxes, bars, chocolate coated fruits and are always experimenting with new textures and flavours. Along the way they have managed to retain their integrity with pride by selecting only the finest West African cacao beans and using 100% pure cocoa butter in the production process.

The Australian confectionery wholesaler Stuart Alexander & Co. has been responsible for distributing wholesale chocolate from Guylian across the country for three decades now. Candy Bar Sydney has a direct working relationship with Stuart Alexander, which can only mean one thing: bulk quantities of this premium Belgian chocolate at rock bottom prices, just waiting to be distributed from our Sydney lolly warehouse. Talk to Candy Bar Sydney about distributing Guylian chocolate and plenty of other superior confectionery brands that are managed by Stuart Alexander.