Hermesetas Stevia Sweet Wholesale

The world is changing, one grain of sugar at a time. Sure, everyone still loves a sweet hit with their coffee or tea, of course, but we’re all a little more calorie conscious than we used to be. Some of us are battling or trying to prevent glucose-related illnesses, others are just trying to cut back wherever we can for the sake of our teeth and our general health. That’s where companies like Hermesetas and their innovative sweetening products come in awfully handy for progressive cafes across Australia.

A Swiss-based company, Hermes Sweeteners, took the liberty of releasing Hermesetas: a clever range of sweetener products in a whole bunch of innovative formats. Sweeteners now come in click dispensers, granules, cubes, tablets and sachets, just to name a few. In addition to the traditional sweeteners such as Sucralose and Sodium Saccharine, Hermesetas has also included the increasingly popular stevia leaf varieties: SteviaSweet tablets, sachets, granules and liquid sweeten all manner of food and beverages without any of the calories or tooth decay.

The huge range of formats means that you get to choose which sweeteners look best on your café tables and which work best in your restaurant’s kitchen. The Hermesetas range is managed throughout Australia by the confectionery wholesaler Stuart Alexander & Co. If you need bulk quantities of Stevia and traditional sweeteners distributed to your restaurants and cafes at low prices, talk to Candy Bar Sydney: we deal directly with Stuart Alexander and can get you low prices and reliable distribution deals.