Hi-Float Balloons Australia

How do you make the party last 25 times longer? The party wholesalers at HI-FLOAT have the secret ingredient. With just one cheeky splash of their special non-toxic liquid formula, your balloons will be kept afloat long after your guests have left the building. Put simply, HI-FLOAT is a wholesale party supplier that ensures the balloons don’t pop and the fun never stops. HI-FLOAT products are safe to use, non-toxic and completely biodegradable. They get added to balloons during inflation and guarantee a longer high, leaving you and your party guests feeling on top of the world. HI-FLOAT distribution in Australia is managed by Five Star Party Co, a trusted partner of Candy Bar Sydney and the go-to supplier for event planners and party goers all over Sydney and Melbourne. Our working relationship with Five Star Party Co and HI-FLOAT guarantees you fast and flexible distribution and sensational prices. 

HI-FLOAT have always been innovators. In a way, it’s an inspirational love story. You see, in 1982, Marjorie Burchette opened a humble balloon shop in Louisville, Kentucky. Her husband was a chemical engineer. When Marjorie started to receive customer complaints about balloons that didn’t stay afloat for long enough, she brainstormed with her husband about a solution. Can you see where this is going? HI-FLOAT’s liquid solution was the lightbulb moment and the party really got started. Don Burchette invented a liquid formula that allowed balloons to maintain their high longer than anyone thought was possible. From that moment, the HI-FLOAT formula went from strength to strength.

Today, HI-FLOAT don’t just offer a liquid solution for balloons of all sizes, but handy transport bags too. Your balloons are now guaranteed to arrive in style and then they just keep on flyin’. Additionally, the company pioneers Don and Marjorie are well-recognised in the balloon and party supply industries as trendsetters and have done some admirable environmental work in the latex field. Chat to Candy Bar Sydney about why Hi-FLOAT is in every professional event organiser’s tool kit.