Hubba Bubba Gum Australia

Any Aussie child of the 80’s or 90’s will remember the bubble gum craze. The shiny promises of insanely large bubbles, the bright pink, super-intense flavours and the inexplicable desire to shove as many pieces of bubble gum into your mouth as humanly possible. There might have even been tears as mum reluctantly cut off a bit of bubble-gummy hair. Those kids grew up but Hubba Bubba never lost its appeal. Today, the Wrigley brand continues to prove its sticking power by enchanting the next generation of kids, and the one after that. Hubba Bubba distribution is particularly sought after in Germany, the UK, Canada and Australia.

It all started with Original in 1979. Soft, pink, squishy and sweet, its undeniable power to create glittering spheres was awe-inspiring. Years later, Seriously Strawberry and Groovy Grape took Hubba Bubba to a whole new level of colour and flavour in the Land Down Under. Cola followed suit and the kids of the 80’s and 90’s were happily bubbled up for decades. Hubba Bubba upped its game in the early 2000’s with Bubble Tape, and today, kids around the world are contentedly stuffing it into their mouths and desperately vying to hold the record for biggest Hubba Bubba bubble blown.

Wrigley is certainly onto a good thing with its charismatic brand of Hubba Bubba bubble gum and we’re thrilled to be working directly with the candy distributor to get these terrific wholesale products into retail outlets across the nation. Wrigley distribution now spans more than 180 countries, and we’re proud to be part of this wholesale distributor’s Australian story. Talk to Candy Bar Sydney about our direct working relationship with Wrigley and how this results in low prices and attractive distribution conditions for Hubba Bubba products.