M&Ms Chocolate Australia

M&M’s are crispy, creamy, nutty, chocolaty and oh-so-colourful characters that really need no introduction. They’re already international superstars. They’ve even been in orbit. People all around the world have been chomping, crunching and chowing down on M&M’s since the forties, when Forest Mars saw some soldiers eating hard-shelled chocolate candies during the war and was impressed, but also convinced he could do it better. War, huh! What is it good for? Candy covered chocolate, say it again!

M&M’s are little colourful pieces of joy, which is why Mars really took the concept and ran with it, breaking boundaries along the way and creating flavour and colour variations that have made millions of people happy over the years. Nowadays, you’ll find the original milk chocolate critters in their traditional coloured garb standing proudly alongside the Peanut, Crispy, Peanut Butter and Mini varieties (just to name a few). You’ll find single-colour M&Ms in almost every shade imaginable adorning the candy buffet tables at weddings, birthday parties and office Christmas dos all over the country. Every now and then, Mars Australia will release an exciting new colour or seasonal flavour variety that sends millions of people rushing to our doors looking for bulk quantities. Candy Bar Sydney is always happy to indulge.

Let’s face it, M&M’s are more than just an international confectionery bestseller, they are pint-sized Gods on the international candy scene. Since retailers around the lucky country are constantly banging down our doors for wholesale M&Ms, we’ve gotten on board with Mars Australia and can now distribute them to you for insanely good prices.