Maltesers Chocolate Australia

Maltesers are crunchy, fluffy, light and often airborne. These little pieces of honeycomb covered in milk chocolate mean so many things to so many Aussies. For some of us, they’re for pelting at unsuspecting passers by. For others, they’re for rolling down the aisles at cinemas before the film starts. Some people like to savour Maltesers slowly. You do this by sucking off the milk chocolate coating (taking your sweet time) until you’re left with a little piece of crunchy honeycomb. At this point, you either succumb to the crunch or you let it dissolve slowly on your tongue. There are those who like to nibble delicately on one Malteser at a time. Then there are those who can’t resist distributing large quantities of Maltesers into their mouths and crunching down as hard as possible until your mouth is completely full of a gooey, malty mess. Yes, guilty as charged.

Mars is the confectionery wholesaler responsible for these little shiny chocolate balls of honeycomb bliss. You’re probably not surprised – so many candy classics come from Mars, and Maltesers have been on our collective confectionery radar for eighty years now. Forrest Mars started making Maltesers in the mid thirties, originally branding them as energy balls. Here’s another fun fact about Maltesers – the name is a clever combination of the words “malt” and “teasers” but has absolutely nothing to do with Malta or the Maltese population. But yes, Maltesers do get distributed there, so residents of Malta get to enjoy wholesale quantities of Maltesers just as much as we do here in the lucky country.

Candy Bar Sydney works directly with Mars Australia, the mega candy wholesale distributor behind Maltesers. Our working relationship with Mars Australia ensures low prices and great distribution deals of Maltesers and other insanely popular Mars chocolates. If you’d like to get wholesale Maltesers in your stores pronto, talk to Candy Bar Sydney to learn more.