Mars Chocolate Bars Wholesale

Oh, revenge can be sweet. You see, a bitter rivalry between Frank C. Mars and his ambitious son Forrest Mars resulted in a long estrangement. Forrest Mars wanted to expand Mars Inc. abroad and his father would hear nothing of it. Forrest set out to show his father what he was capable of. He moved to England and created the Mars bar. It was inspired by his father’s already insanely popular Milky Way. It took the world by storm. Take that, Dad! Forrest returned to the States, started a wildly successful company and finally managed to merge it with Mars when his father died in the sixties. The Mars brand and its impact and distribution worldwide since then has been truly remarkable.

So back to the sweetness of revenge. The classic Mars bar is fluffy nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate, wrapped in sleek black and red. It’s a rock star worldwide. It’s been said in the past that “a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” (might we suggest the 12x Fun Size pack if you’re taking that literally). In addition to the classic milk chocolate Mars bar, we’ve seen exciting varieties come and go, such as Xtra Choc, Mars Lite and Mars Honeycomb. But nothing beats the original recipe. And nothing says Mars indulgence like placing your Mars Bar in the deep fryer, a scarily delicious habit adopted by countless fish and chips shops around the nation.

Mars Australia takes care of wholesale distribution of these classic chocolates, and Candy Bar Sydney is proud to be in cahoots with this mega player on the candy scene. Our direct working relationship with Mars Australia ensures low prices and fast and flexible wholesale distribution. If your stores are running low on Mars bars at an alarming rate, talk to Candy Bar Sydney about getting wholesale quantities distributed to your door, stat.