Mentos Mints Wholesale

Two Dutch brothers took a trip across the continent to Poland and came home with a recipe that would change the world, one chewy mint at a time. It takes all sorts, doesn’t it?! You’ll no doubt be familiar with the most famous Scotch mint in Australia. Your classic Mentos come wrapped up in handy little rolls that are perfect for the car, a desk drawer or your handbag. Just about everyone you know will have a sneaky pack of Mentos stashed away somewhere, whether they’re mad about fresh mint or keener on the fruity flavoured pastel coloured treats

It’s not just all about Scotch mints at Mentos: the company also snuck into the chewing gum market in the early naughties and made quite a scene. Nowadays, Mentos continues to innovate with unique lollies, candies and gum – just take one of the most recent inventions, 3D gum, layered with three different flavours – a fantastic confectionery invention that sounds like it comes straight out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

In more recent years, Mentos has also introduced some sensational and perhaps long-awaited flavours: sours (sour pineapple, lime, grape and strawberry) and Mentos CHOCO – a creamy and fabulous combination of chocolate and caramel or chocolate and mint.

The confectionery wholesaler Stuart Alexander & Co is the distributor responsible for Mentos in Australia. Luckily for you, Candy Bar Sydney works directly with Stuart Alexander to bring you wholesale Mentos candy and lollies at exceptionally low prices. Talk to this Sydney candy store about distributing Mentos mints, gum and candies in bulk quantities for amazingly low prices.